Water Management

Wet Year 1995 Historically, water flowed from Lake Okeechobee into Shark River Slough (the area between the gauging stations and the L-67 extension in the figure at right) and then into the Gulf of Florida. In the 1960's, a system of levees was built and impounded the runoff from the lake into Water Conservation Area 3A (WC3A). Four gated structures (12A-12D) now control the release of water into Shark River Slough from WC3A. These structures focus the flow release into Shark River and Eastern Slough which, in turn, directly affects potential breeding habitat. When Levee 67 was extended (L-67 extension), further constriction of water flow into the slough occurred.

This change in water flow has increased both the depth of water in the slough as well as the length of the hydroperiod. These changes in water flow have had dramatic consequences for Cape Sable seaside sparrow.



Life History