SIMSPAR - Model Output - Fledgling Productivity

Fledgling Productivity

SIMSPAR keeps track of a number of different population parameters. For example, it can track the overall fledgling productivity. The figure, at left, shows the productivity of fledglings for individual sites over a twenty-year period of a single simulation run. All colored cells across the landscape represent potential breeding sites for the sparrow. The productivity of each corresponds to a particular color with high productivity being areas that are colored red. As can be seen in the figure, there are certain areas that are highly productive for the sparrows. These areas represent prime habitat for the sparrow and portions of the landscape which should be preserved in order to assure that a viable sub-population continues to exist. The productive regions of the sparrow's habitat seen in this output correspond to regions that have higher elevations than the surrounding habitat and are protected from inundation during wet years.



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