Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow - Behavioral Parameters

Default Behavioral Parameters in the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow Individual Based Model (SIMSPAR)
Behavioral Parameter Default Value in SIMSPAR
Water Level at which Males Sing 5 centimeters
Range at which Females Hear Potential Mates 4 kilometers
Nesting Height 16 centimeters
Dispersal Range of Unmated Males 500 meters
Probability of Mating 0.1
Number of non-productive seasons
for Males to desert a territory
1 breeding season

SIMSPAR incorporates six distinct behavioral parameters into the model whose default values are listed in the table to the left. Many of these parameters are derived from field studies (see Lockwood, et al. 1997, The Wilson Bulletin 109:720-731). At each time step (i.e., daily) the status of an individual and the landscape cell which it occupies is referenced and compared with associated individuals such as offspring and mates. The individual then follows a set of decision based parameters based on life history traits and behavior.

Within SIMSPAR, males will begin to sing when water levels drop to below 5 centimeters if they own a nesting site. When the males begin singing, females will be attracted to the song at a distance of 4 kilometers and will mate with the male based on the set probability of mating. Once mated, the individuals will build a nest at a set nesting height and raise a brood based on demographic parameters. At the end of the breeding season if a male is an unsuccessful breeder, a bachelor, or a juvenile recruit it will disperse from the cell it occupies to a nearby cell.



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