Summary of Hydrology
Hydrology Name SFWMM Output Tag Information Topography SFWMM out Archive Interface Status More Information
2000B1 SFWMM v5.0 - 2000B1 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 Implemented CerpZone
2000B2 SFWMM v5.4 - 2000B2 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_cerp1 Pending CalVer CerpZone
2050B1 SFWMM v5.1 - 2050B1 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 2050B1_wmmV5.1_120503_out Implemented CerpZone
2050B2 SFWMM v5.4 - 2050B2 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_cerp1 Pending CalVer CerpZone
Alt7R5 SFWMM v5.4 - Alt7R5.4.1.1 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 alt7r5.4.1.1_out Implemented
Alt7R5Moon SFWMM v5.4 - Alt7R5.4.1.1moon sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 alt7r5.4.1.1_moon_out Implemented
Alt7R5Modoff SFWMM v5.4 - Alt7R5.4.1.1 sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 alt7r5.4.1.1_modoff_out Implemented
Alt7R5Noact4 SFWMM v5.4.1.1 - no action planning condition for CSOP sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 noact4_gdm2_v5.4.1.1_out Implemented
Alt7R5Noact4c SFWMM v5.4.1.1 - no action planning condition for CSOP sfwmm_v5.0_topo_091103 noact4c_gdm2_v5.4.1.1_out Implemented

Table Description : A summary of the information provided in each column of the table for each hydrology scenario when available.
  1. Hydrology Name - The name under which the Hydrology Scenario is referenced in the ATLSS Model Interface.
  2. SFWMM Output Tag Information- This information is derived from tag information imbedded in the SFWMM outputfile daily_stg_minus_lsel.bin. The daily_stg_minus_lsel.bin is the file used by ATLSS to generate the waterfile used for the ATLSS models.
  3. Topography - The topography used by the SFWMM to create the hydrology scenario and used by ATLSS to generate the ATLSS hydrology corresponding with the SFWMM scenario.
  4. SFWMM out Archive - The name of the zipfile or archive directory provided to ATLSS that included the daily_stg_minus_lsel.bin file.
  5. Interface Status - Indicates the current status of the hydrology in the ATLSS Model Interface. "Implemented" indicates that the hydrology is incorporated in the interface. "In Progress" indicates a received hydrology that is being processed for implementation. "Pending" indicates that the hydrology is can not be implemeneted without further information.
  6. More Information - Links to more information for your convenience. Most of these pages are not part of ATLSS and the information is the responsibility of the provider.
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